It is now official that Rails is moving to Git. I am more happy because I love both Git and Rails. From last couple of months Git became my favourite source control tool. I was so much excited about it that I read most articles/posts/manuals about it for last some months, I gave a BarCamp presentation on it. I have been using it lot, for my personal side-projects.

Some days ago, I forked koz-rails(Rails repo git mirror) repository, considering that I would start hacking Rails source. I had no idea that Rails would officially move to Git that time. I had read some posts of Koz that it is not that easy to start using Git to manage Rails source. But now after reading DHHs announcement post, I am happy.

The good thing is that it will use GitHub (awesome Git repository hosting site). I am in love with GitHub since I heard about it. I think, I am one of the earlier users of GitHub and that makes it and me special that Rails is using GitHub.

Even DHH himself has written good words about Git and GitHub. Chris also wrote some posts related to this announcement.

I always find that like minded people like similar things and it continues. I also noticed that whatever I like becomes Hit and popular(oh yeah). I think I have some little sense to predict about any app and its future. I think I can definitely define product features for a successful app. I think I also understand the market and what people want and expect. This is why I am more eager to develop my side projects.

Update 12 April, 08: You could visit Rails repository at

For cloning do

git clone git://

My fork for Rails is at