Recently I got interested in using Git. I like it too much. I already have some Git repositories on my Slicehost server. From last month, I am using a Git repository hosting service I have become a fan of this service. Now I have two homes for my projects’ repositories, one is GitHub and other on my Slicehost server.

It always felt good to commit changes locally, push them to server with one command. Git added that geeky-ness to my coding. I came to know about GitHub when I read this post. Since then, I was waiting for its launch and one good day, I got beta invite for GitHub from Chris.

GitHub brings a social aspect into play. GitHub is kind of social network for developers with codes. I almost felt it when I forked a repository first time.

Git has very nice features. Some of which I like the most are forking, sending pull requests, nice UI of repository browser, news feeds, follow, hCard-ed profiles and simple project wikis etc. I think Git adoption by developers is very near. Fantastic tool like GitHub is making it happen. I am very happy to be early adopter of this service.

I know, this is the kind of app/service which is really benefiting me than any-other as it is helping for coding and improving it. I think it is one of the best things on internets

Update: Oh yeah, I have a couple github invites if anyone wants them.