This was fourth time, I attended BarCamp Pune. It was very cool. I was already excited about it, seeing preparation by its organizers. This time, I was not among organizers for it, but was in volunteer’s list. I mostly spent my time discussing with other geeks. The only talk I fully attended was our PurpleTrail presentation and demo by Anuj. Obviously it was the best talk of this BarCamp :)

It was very nice experience to meet Latesh, a tech freak from Mumbai. He was very much interested in knowing what Git is and (almost) listened to me very enthusiastically when I explained and demonstrated about it. I hope I was able to inspire him to start using Git.

He shared various nice things with me. He described me how he installed MacOSX on his PC. He also showed me the sites showing how to install MacOSX on PCs. From my Macbook, he sshed(logged) into his router(which is there at his home, Mumbai) in which he had installed Linux, then from router, he sshed his MacOSX which is installed on his PC(not Apple built machine, but PC architecture mostly suited for Windows machines). He showed files on his MacOSX, also there he was downloading latest Leopard OS, whoa.. totally awesome. Quite geeky, hacky and interesting right? ;)

We exchanged our Peepcode videos, I had one, he gave me 8 (eight! :-) ). Thanks Latesh. Nice to meet with him.

Diwakar (Google Hacking guy, he was with MangoSpring too) was with me most of time. I missed his talk. He told me about Temper Data( a FF extension to view and modify HTTP/HTTPS headers and post parameters).

Talking with Rohit, Tarun, Sidu, Aditya, Shirish and other geeks made me happy. I am almost waiting for next BarCamp Pune.

Last but not the least, I gave a talk this time. It was titled “Git Introduction”. It was fine. My first endevour to present at BarCamp as I had mentioned in this post. I have shared it on Slideshare.

Here it is.