No good project is worth than a project with good idea/new concept. I found Yahoo! Live came out with nice concept. From last couple of years, I always got fascinated about new ideas, the very earlier was blogging, then social networking, youtube, social bookmarking, flickr, ..etc. Yahoo! Live is all about being live with no hassle. Just open site and click Go Live, thats it.. you are now live(The web-cam of your laptop/pc is doing all magic behind).

Yahoo! Live

You can see me ON AIR in above pic, I am seeing technosailor performing guitar along with other guys and Premshree. Premshree is one of the lead developers of Yahoo! Live. I came to know about Yahoo! Live because of him. Nice to know that he hadn’t slept last 50 hours as he was fixing things.

The plus things for Yahoo! Live are

  1. Nice developer API
  2. Simplicity
  3. Features which are really necessary, no extra junk.
  4. Anybody can start rocking live at any time, people are there to watch
  5. ... the X factor

One minus point which I could think of is, Yahoo! Live can be misused to spread obscene material. Overall, Yahoo! Live will definitely rock in future! Nice done Premshree!