I recently installed railwaycat’s Emacs for Mac.

Here is the repo


To install it with homebrew run following commands

brew tap railwaycat/emacsmacport


brew install emacs-mac

If you are using cask

brew cask install emacs-mac

What did I like from railwaycat’s Emacs fork

  1. You get to use tabs with Emacs. To enable, go to Options -> Show/Hide -> Check Tab Bar

  2. Dictionary lookup support If you press Ctrl+Cmd+D, you can lookup currently selected word

  3. Emoji support If you press Ctrl+Cmd+Space, you can type Emoji charaters into a Emacs buffer

  4. Fullscreen If you can press which maps to `toggle-frame-fullscreen`, you can make frame go fullscreen.

  5. I will be adding more features specific to macOS from railsway Emacs fork here. Watch this space.