I am using OpenID (http://claimid.com/anildigital) for quite sometime. I am aware of benefits of using OpenID for logging in to different OpenID supported sites.

But I always had question, how OpenID solves the problem of multiple login ids. Suppose today you like http://claimid.com as OpenID provider, tomorrow you might like different OpenID provider. So if you create a new OpenID, you will use this new OpenID to logging in to OpenID enabled sites. Then what about previously using OpenID, what about all previous accounts created with it.

For all your previous accounts, if you want to keep the same account on site, you need to login with your old OpenID, . If you try to use new one, it will be treated as new OpenID and new account to the site. So finally using OpenIDs results into using multiple OpenIDs. That's why, I was really not impressed with OpenID concept.

But today, I came to know about this great concept, OpenID delegation. Its very simple and clean concept. What is it?

Delegation allows you to use your own website as your identifier while still using a third-party OpenID provider. This requires only the ability to add a small snippet of HTML code to the page you wish to use as your identifier.

So you can use your own website address as OpenID, in my case it is anilwadghule.com. You could setup delegation with any of OpenIDs. You could keep changing your OpenID from OpenID providers and just use your site address as delegated OpenID.

You need to add following code to your sites index.html or any index page, which gets rendered when you hit yoursite.com

<link rel="openid.server" href="https://www.myopenid.com/server">
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="http://anildigital.myopenid.com">

Now you can use your website address as your OpenID. Thats it. In my case it is anilwadghule.com

Now you don't want myOpenID as OpenID provider and you think claimid.com is better OpenID provider just replace above snippet with code

<link rel="openid.server" href="http://openid.claimid.com/server" />
<link rel="openid.delegate" href="http://openid.claimid.com/anildigital" />

And now you can still use your delegated OpenID to login to different OpenID enabled websites.

Awesome right?. So go start using your website address as OpenID!