Checkout Planet Rails, side project on which I worked for last two weekends. It’s a planet site for top Ruby on Rails related weblogs.

Planet site aggregates feeds of different weblogs into one site. It’s having RSS feed support, so if you subscribe the RSS feed of it, you will never miss posts by your favorite Rails blogs. If you already know existing most popular Rails planet site by Pratik, you know what Planet is.

I have added only few feed channels to it those I like. Mainly to have quality content. Feel free to contact to for adding you popular Rails weblog to the planet. I would definitely try to add it.

On the technical side, I am using my Slicehost slice for hosting it. Mongrel + Nginx combo. It’s using Rails. It is open source you could check its source here. Apart from those thanks to Capistrano + Git which makes development so enjoyable without pain. I see my planet as defacto site to read great Rails posts.

If you find Planet site/source useful please donate Click here to lend your support to: planet and make a donation at !   (Blog authors who don’t want to have their posts to be displayed in Planet, feel free to contact, I would happily remove feed).