One of my good friends, Pratik Naik is now officially member of Rails core team. I still don’t realize that the guy, to whom I used to meet when I was with Reevik(my first company), is now in Rails core team.

When I started my career with Ruby on Rails, Pratik too had started working Ruby on Rails in those days. Pratik also was working with Betterlabs and I was with Reevik Technologies. There were only two companies in Pune, which were using Ruby and Ruby on Rails for projects. We used to meet at various Ruby meets in Pune.

I would like to thank Pratik for gifting me domain names and with server spaces. One of the reasons I continued career in Ruby on Rails is Pratik. We have been discussing about tech topics IRCs, messengers, twitters for sometime. He always helped/guided me. He is nice guy. I congratulate him for his achievement and greatness. Great work man! He currently works with a London based startup(makers of Bebo and Do check out his nice blog,