I just came home after attending awesome Geek Night sessions at Thoughtworks Pune office. This was my second time of attending Thoughworks Geek Night. I liked both these Geek Nights and interesting thing, it does not happen at night, but at afternooon around 2pm - 5pm.

There were two sessions first was “JRuby Primer - by Aman King” and second was “RubyWars - Play a simulation game where you write code for your strategy - By Akshay Dhavle”. In RubyWars session, Akshay used his own developed game Aakraman which has game engine that exploits ruby metaprogramming(I am very much interested in Ruby metaprogramming). Writing Ruby codes for playing game was great fun. The code of Aakraman is available to download and contribute to it at http://aakraman.googlecode.com. It’s a pure Rails app. The first session was basically JRuby Primer, I got to know about how to use Ruby in Java and Java in Ruby.

Apart from sessions, I also liked small discussions which I had with cool people. I happened to meet with Anup Narkhede, Ruby on Rails developer and came to know about how he works on his projects. The fact that he is nearly of my age, works independently with Ruby on Rails and lives nearby my house Smile. I also came to know about upcoming BarCamp Pune 4 event which will be held at Thoughtworks Pune office and it will be organized by Thoughworks. I definitely want to give a session this time.

Thoughtworks described Geek Nights as - A Geek Night is an informal gathering where Thoughtworks people pick a hot technology topic and proceed to discuss it and learn from each others experience and perspectives. The meeting takes about two hours inclusive of eating/drinking and heckling the presenters. Generally they plan it on Saturday evenings so that peers from other organizations than Thoughtworks can join it.