Recently I bought a MacBook. Earlier, I had planned to buy MacBook Pro but I finally went for MacBook. I am very happy with my decision. I am kinda addicted with my MacBook now.

Few days ago, my friend Akshay bought similar MacBook. He has written some blog posts informing in detail about MacBook. So instead of here I describing my MacBook here.. am giving you list of links of Akshay’s blog posts.

Link to Apple MacBook specs

It is because of Premshree, I came to know about Apple machines, and how they are cool and the best. Thanks man!

I have been using Windows for very long time (since I was in 7th standard). So really needed something different. I have been using Linux and flavors for almost 5 years. I always felt Windoze sucks compared to Linux/Unix. I would say Windoze in pain. :)

I have installed following must have software on my MacBook … Adium - For instant messaging. Quicksilver = For fast application launching and productivity TextMate - Proved best text editor and best for ROR development on Mac. VIM - My all time favorite text editor (ardent lover) iTerm - Nice alternative for existing Mac shell (I like tabs feature) Vienna - Great RSS reader Colloquy - IRC client.

Installed MacPorts, Fink, these allow install most of Unix based software(ports) on Mac. Yet, I have not installed Xcode tools as it has to be downloaded(900 Mb+) and installed, or install using disc. Though Ruby comes pre-installed on Mac, it’s not 1.8.6 My installation of Ruby, Rails and similar is pending due absence of Xcode tools. I am going to install those using MacPorts and MacPorts requires Xcode tools to be present. I will install those in couple of days

I have some cool plans for new adventures on my Mac. I hope those will come out very soon.