Writing this post at night after organizing the Barcamp Pune 3 today. Almost every Barcamp I attended is memorable event for me and this Barcamp is no exception.

I went to Persistent Building (near Nal Stop, Karve Road, Pune) early in morning, there I met with Jatinder, Kiran, Hrishikesh. The registrations were on 7th floor and sessions on 4th floor. I helped in setting-up things, registrations, distributed stuff (T-shirts, notepads, …), helped campers to find what they wanted. This time campers response was very good. Most of the campers came on time and they had nice breakfast after registrations.

I attended most of sessions. Two sessions were of Rakesh Raju ( first was about tvguide.in(seems a Rails app) and other was about Game development). Both were good ones and quite informative.

Aditya gave a session about Mircosoft Silverlight (if you are hearing it for the first time, you are missing something). I liked demos which he showed. One thing he told that, Silverlight is not like flash in which the swfs are compiled and that’s why search engines cannot crawl it. But Silverlight uses something called xaml, which is crawlable and search engines would be able crawl it. If it is like that then it is definitely nice thing than flash, but I don’t know much about the details.

Most of time in between slots went in meeting people and in discussing about coolest technological things. All people were interesting ones. I specially liked to meet friend Akshay. We are in touch for long time and meeting personally was cool experience. We discussed about some tech topics. I got excited to hear his future plans and his working habits. We also had lunch together.

My company presented two sessions at Barcamp this time. One was by Anjali, Oraganization 2.0 ( which I missed :-( as I was attending Freeman’s talk) but was very good as told by my colleagues). The other was by Isha about Push technology Comet. I think it was one of the best sessions of this Barcamp.

Decided already, attended Freeman’s session (Freeman is very nice person, I like him). It was about open source education. At first I got confused about the word open source education, I though it must be about open source software, but it meant free learning material for people. It was the best session of the day. I like his thoughts (one sentence of his I liked today is “your certificate is how you are shown up on Google, instead of having real certificates or three to four ending lines on resume, we can know more about a person by his Google results”, makes sense). Came to know about nice website http://codekata.pragprog.com beacuase of him. I also discussed with him at the end of day about the concept of open source education.

One talk which I was planning to give but didn’t ,was about writing a Facebook application with Ruby on Rails. But the same topic was covered by the session of Abhijit Gadgil. It was quite good one.

I also liked the session Open source beyond software by Paritosh Pungalia and Ajay Sanghni(IT Vidya man). I learned something which I never thought of.

At the end of day, I had photo sessions, one with my company colleagues and the other was with all organizing guys. I will try to update this post with the flickr links as I get those photos. ………………………

Update: 9th July, 2007 We, organizers BarCamp Pune 3 organizers

Link to above photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coolfrog/754190822 Other related to organizers All Barcamp Pune 3 photos

Update: 13th July, 2007 We Springsters (MangoSpring-sters)

Link to photo http://www.flickr.com/photos/anildigital/773769699 ………………………

Rahul and Vikrant were with me whole day. We had plenty much discussions through-out day. We traveled together while returning with our bikes.

I was supposed to give the discussion topic about how to use VIM for Ruby on Rails development, which I couldn’t due to no free time slots. I already have written a post about it. I am going to make some minor changes to it and will post it on Monday as I am going to visit Lonavala with my friends tomorrow.