It was a very nice experience to attend the Blogcamp Pune. It was the first Blogcamp in Pune(I don’t remember if it happened previously). My friend Rahul also attended Blogcamp with me. While having breakfast at SCIT, we discussed with two SCIT students. We helped them to understand what blog is and how it helps, how can you monetize your blog to earn with the help of it.

Then we went into big SCIT auditorium. First part of the Blogcamp where everybody introduced themselves was very interesting one. After that talks started. The talks were just awesome. Most of them were sponsored talks from Sulekha, Rediff, smsGupShup, Poorapoona and others as a part of their marketing strategy. But one talk I remember most was by Melody about flames, threats and stalkings.

I met with some nice folks and discussed about techie things. I met with Abdul, Vikrant. Abdul showed his MacBook and we discussed about some tech topics. He pointed out how Twitter is distracting sometimes and he also suggested a book about flow “Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience”, I am planning to buy it. Vikrant helped Rahul for his internet settings for connecting net on Linux with a wvdial.conf file and shared his knowledge about Linux with us. He showed us Gmail on elinks browser on his Gentoo machine. Seeing text Gmail and operating it was very cool.

I am going to help in organizing the upcoming Barcamp Pune 3. I am planning to speak there, still not finalized topic. I don’t have much experience talking at Barcamps but as it would be my third Barcamp to attend, I am more interested in speaking there.

One most important thing, Blogcamp inspired me to start blogging again :) Rahul helped me to get this domain name and space. Thanks very much Rahul.