Some days ago I was thinking to post about a fact that my weblog is becoming similar to the tumblelog, but I didn't. Today I found a great service/website called tumbler which allows us to create tumblelogs. I immediately created a/my tumblelog. If you don't know what tumblelog is, you can hit wikipedia for tumblelog. I always liked which is a fabulous tumblelog.

The site seems to be built with Ruby on Rails, as it is created by some Davidville Inc which has a product named senduit (which is built on Rails :) ). senduit is very good and simple to use.

One thing my weblog will now(from now) have long posts written by me instead of just links and quotes by other people, all these will now be the part my tumblelog.

Additionally, I am writing this post with/on VIM as now I have found a nice/cool/sexy firefox extension named "It's All Text!" which allows to edit any textarea on web with VIM, when you "wq" it will be added to the text area on the desired site. Do try it!