My favorite editor VIM's creator Bram gave presentation on VIM called "Seven habits of effective text editing 2.0" at Google, Mountain View (Bram works for Google, Zürich). I am right now downloading the video which is a part of Google Techtalks / SpeakerSeries OpenSourceDevelopers.
Few days ago, when I read this news, I was sure that Google will host the video of presentation on Google's video. After the date of Bram's presentation, as an excitement I searched Google Video for the presentation two-three times, but that video was not available
But today I saw that, Bram himself posted the news about the presentation video on here also on vimannounce yahoo group here.
You can watch the video here or download video in divx format here(it's 507 Mbyte). Worth seeing/watching!

Update: You can watch the video right here