The year 2006 was very different for me. It's one of the ultimate years in my life. 2006 was a turning point year of my life too. Lots of things happened. It's difficult to write about all the nice things.
I graduated to become a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from Pune University.
I did my final year BE project sponsored by Patni Computers, Pune. 
I will never forget Satish Sir for his invaluable help and guidance.
I found Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
I got my first job.
I worked on first live project. 
I got chance to work with great people, specially Shashank Sir.
We bought a house in Pune(previously we were living in Govt quarters). 
My final academic year 2005-2006 was fastest and busiest year in my whole life, but after that year 2006 was comparatively relaxed and enthusiastic.
Now I am more happy welcoming 2007 as I am working on building the next big thing in MangoSpring with my favorite programming language and technology.
Happy New Year 2007!

I am waiting for Guru as music is given by Rahman and directed by Maniratnam.