Do check out My friend Pratik has developed a very nice rails application which aggregates xml feeds of various rails blogs and websites. You can try specific keyword search like as dynamic subdomains searching is enabled. Black background posts are the ones which we should never miss.

Pratik has started his own company thinkwares few months back. He and his team are developing some of the very cool in house web applications and they also work on client projects.

To me, Pratik is a very inspiring guy. He is very much devoted to his work. I like his passion for Ruby on Rails.
Pratik is the guy who gave me first free Ruby on Rails hosting with his, also he gave me free domain name too. He has also provided me free space on his server

It helped me a lot in trying out various rails miniprojects live as a website. I got hands on experience of deploying the rails applications on servers, maintaining them and try some of the unusual things.