Yesterday Google unveiled its new search service Google Code Search. It's a very great and revolutionary service as you can type regular expressions as query and find the code all over the net. I liked this service too much. I searched using numerous regular expressions as my queries. The search results sometimes gives you some unexpected results seeing which your joy will know no bounds. Kottke has some nice hacks to do with Google Code Search, see the link. I am also going to post some nice queries in my next post.

Some days ago oreilly has launched some similar service which searches codes from oreilly books, see the link.

If you want to find some nice services related to finding code, see These sites will nicely satisfy you for your code hunger.

I am also going to add search code option in my Google Total.

I think Google is very serious related to code. Google have already launched which is the damn good. I like Google project hosting too much Also Google uses SVN for its project hosting. I am a damn fan of SVN. In near future you will see some of my in house projects hosted on it.

Google is just the best. I have become a die hard fan of Google. ; )