I announced earlier that I will blog actively at http://anilw.info/blog/ which was setup using typo! I liked typo too much. But it was relatively too slow. My friend Pratik suggested me to start using mephisto. Mephisto is a blogging/content management software created by Rick Olson(technoweenie) of the Ruby On Rails Core team and Justin Palmer. I am in love with Rick’s apps. I like Beast. I like Rails Pastie. I like mephisto. I had some conversation with Rick via #mephisto channel on IRC. He is very helpful and guided me to setup my mephisto on my server. I got this server from Pratik. I refered Pratik’s tip to install mephisto on shared hosting environment. But in vain, it required a different trick to setup mephisto on my server. I hope I will setup mephisto on server in couple of days. I will announce it on blog. ;)