Yup! I am leaving blogging at Blogger! But not fully! I have created my new weblog at http://anilw.info/blog/. My new blog is powered with Ruby on Rails. I have used Typo as a blogging software. Typo is a free, open source blogging software built on Ruby on Rails.

I was blogging on Blogger since December 2004. Blogger have provided me various opportunities. I learned various things while blogging. I am the person who know the importance of blogging. Like everybody has its email id, mobile number, I feel everybody should have a blog/weblog.

As I said I am not fully quitting Blogger, I will try to clone my posts from http://anilw.info/blog/ to my Blogger blog. But I am not sure wheather I will use blogger in my future. Actually, I have decided to use only open source softwares. I will not use any service or any software which is against open source. I am an open source fanatic. For certain conditions I have to use Windows at my home. But I am fully in the process of quitting Windows as my OS. I hope it will happen as soon as possible. These days I find, Ubuntu as a fantastic OS. Ubuntu is based on Debian, which makes it really the best.

Also, today I changed the look of my blogger blog, just because some of my friends told me that your blog is not rendered properly in Internet Explorer. I am so used to Firefox that I dont open Internet Explorer for days.

I promise you that you will see various nice things related to Ruby coding in my fresh blog. Update your feeds and your links.