Yesterday, I watched much awaited movie Rang De Basanti. I wanted to see this movie mainly because of its star cast and off course music which is given by A. R. Rahman. Movie starts with a great line spoken by Aamir Khan “Jo desh ke kaam na aaye woh bekar jawani hai”. People respond to it with a great applause. Rang De Basanti is a movie like no other.
Like Sawdes RDB is not preachy. The first half is a joyride. Excellent cinematography by Binod Pradhan. I liked the night bike and jeep riding scenes too much. The music by A. R. Rahman is awesome. Though it is played mostly at background, the scenes couldn’t be as now without it. The scene when song Lukka Chhuppi played at background makes us cry.
Some movies enjoys us at theatre only, but this is the movie which makes us think for long time. I think all actors have done a excellent job. I thought Aamir would get more importance than other actors in the movie. But Rakeysh have considered all of them equally. Even Madhavan in a small role fits well. The scene of news of Flt. Lt. Ajay Rathod's (Madhavan) death in Mig crash gives people a “jor ka jhataka”. Because the film was going fast with a great enjoyment until that scene, but after that film turns in a very different mood.
Atul Kulkarni has done a strong performance which competes Aamir. Aamir is incomparable. Scene at which Aamir is shown crying seems so real. Sharman dos his natural acting and makes you laugh at his every scene, even his last scene. Kunal Kapur as Aslam and Siddharth as Karan oth have performed well. Some scenes of Siddharth are too good. Soha Ali Khan fits in the role. I think it’s her finest performance.
The message it gives to people is that there are two kind of people in the world, one who accepts the reality and lives without complaining it, the second who fights against reality to make it good. This is the kind of movie which comes after many years. It’s too different. It really awakens the Generation. A must must must watch movie.
My rating *****