I am writing this post on Linux(Fedora Core 4). Few days ago, I successfully connected net on Linux machine using my mobile with Airtel GPRS. Using internet on Linux is a great experience!
From long time I wanted it but I was unsuccessful. But one day, one of the members in PLUG posted article on its mailing list about connecting internet from Airtel GPRS using Linux machine. The article was very helpful. I got connected.
Now it will help me to learn Linux more easily because I can directly search my queries related to Linux on Google. A lot of material on Linux is available on the net. Previously I was hating linux because lack of availability of internet. But from now I will try to use Linux as more as I can. I am thinking of learning more technologies related to Linux.
Here is the link of a post written by Anurag Joshi. It will be helpful to you connect net on Linux with Airtel GPRS. Airtel GPRS is a fad among my friends, beacuse it gives fulltime internet just for Rs. 150 per month.