Today I bought a Transcend 256MB USB flash drive.

Following are its features <ul><li>Compliant with USB 2.0 specification and backwards compatible with USB 1.1 </li><li>True Plug and Play</li><li>High transfer rate: Full speed up to 8MB/sec of read speed, 7MB/sec of write speed </li><li>Powered by the USB port. No external power or battery needed</li><li>Driverless(Only Windows 98/SE needs the enclosed driver)</li><li>Works with Linux, Windows and Mac</li><li>Security Function: Password protection provided</li><li>Boot-Up Function: Can make JetFlash to be a bootable device</li><li>Recovery Function: Restore JetFlash to its initial status LED indicates the usage status of JetFlash</li><li>1-year Warranty</li></ul>Today to have a USB flash drive is a must. These drives are very reliable than floppies. I am finding it very useful.