I liked today’s KBC2. It was the first episode in KBC sequel. It rocked again. The great show! Amitabh was great. The set was similar to the set 3 years ago. They have made some changes in the show. Now there is one extra lifeline which is Flip. It means you can ask for a change the given question if you don’t know the answer.
I answered for a question which was for KBC2 viewers. It was a very simple question. It was to whom Dravid said “the only man after God on the off side”. Answer was very simple, Saurav Ganguly.
I know what KBC fever is. All the roads get silent at 9 PM. Regular shows at theatres suffers. The show gets highest TRP. I like the questions asked in the KBC and tries to answer them as quick as possible. I like this show the most.