Today,I have succeed in connecting the internet from my mobile LG b2000. I was just waiting for data cable, which was unavailable in Pune. LG mobile service centre in Pune gave me Data cable today. I am quite happy with the speed. While connecting, the dialer shows speed 115 Kbps. Actual speed is 30 to 40 Kbps. But speed is constant and do not vary like ordinary landline phones. From today, I can use internet without fear of large phone bills. Airtel charges 5 Rs. per day for GPRS facility. With my prepaid connection, I can start and stop my GPRS facility anytime. So I can use internet for some days and then can stop. I just have to pay for the days which had GPRS facility on. This is nice. I am going to use GPRS service all days.

Besides internet, I am enjoying FM ie. Radio Mirchi(93.9 MHz), Vividhbharati(101 MHz) and Vidyavani(90.8 MHz) on my mobile. My mobile has stereo FM so music clarity is like High Class Aiwa. Also, it has downloadable java games. I have downloaded lot of java games and applications. Using WAP, I have downloaded a lot of Hindi, Marathi and English polyphonic tones free. I can get updated with latest news anywhere in all the circles of Airtel.

Thanks to the technology, because of which these pleasures are possible.

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