Yesterday, while surfing, I came to know that there is a popular Firefox extension named Greasemonkey. As I have a lot of extensions already installed on my firefox browser, I was little bit hesitating it to install. But finally I installed it. I didn’t know how to use that extension. So I read how to use Greasemonkey. I then visited this site for useful user scripts. Using Greasemonkey, I installed a excellent user script Gmail Smart-Delete Button. I went Gmail site, logged into the Gmail. I was amazed to see a direct delete button for all mails added on my Gmail’s interface. I liked it very much that, I immediately installed another script which removes ads from which is Ads skipper. I visited to site, I am shocked to see that there were no ads on Excellent!!!!!

Greasemonkey is a revolutionary Firefox extension that many feel has enormous implications for the future evolution of the web. In recent Greasemonkey news, Mark Pilgrim just published a comprehensive primer called 'Dive Into Greasemonkey', a must-read for those who want to try their hand at writing their own scripts. It should be noted that Greasemonkey is not without controversy, but this has done nothing to reduce its popularity among web programmers.

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