Recently, delicious blog has a post on adding "Bookmark This" link on every post on your blog to bookmark it on It was just a normal posting…

I wrote a simple code using javascript which can be used ‘to popup bookmark’ your post on delicious.

The code is as follows (for blogger users)

<!– Bookmark post on –>
Bookmark this on <a href=”javascript:void(‘
<!– Bookmark post on –><p></p><p>Add the above code to post-footer in the blog template.</p><p>For TypePad/MT users</p><p>replace <$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$> with <$MTEntryPermalink$> and <$BlogItemTitle$> with <$MTEntryTitle encode_url=”1”$></p><p>For Wordpress users</p><p>replace <$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$> with <?php the_permalink() ?> and <$BlogItemTitle$> with <?php the_title(); ?></p><p>It is better than normal posting…
</p> <p>Technorati Tags: , , </p>