I think Gmail is the best out of all mail sites. The experience with Gmail is unforgettable. I can’t forget how Gmail changed my style of mailing. Before Gmail, I used to check my mails only online, go to the Yahoo site, click on mail, then login & check mails. But now with Gmail, I check mails with Outlook Express using pop. Gmail gives free pop access. I download all my mails with mail clients such as Outlook Express and read offline. Gmail’s interface is also the best and quite intuitive. Sorting mails is a easy task, just create a filter and apply a desired label to it. Mails are not stored folderwise. Now, Gmail has mail storage capacity more than 2 GB. But as Gmail is topper, It topped the competition providing unlimited mail storage capacity. Gmail provides excellent spam protection. I get only two or three spam mails in a month. Gmail has superior mail searching facility built in its interface. It is more secure. Today Gmail provides many facilities which are far better than the others. There are many tools available on the internet which make efficient use of Gmail, such as GmailFS, Gmail notifier, Gmail skinner, and many more. If you want to know why to use Gmail refer Why Use Gmail?

<p>I started using Gmail from November 2004. From then, I am regularly using it. To get a Gmail invitation, I had to try very hard. Though there were many friends who had Gmail accounts, I couldn’t get an invitation. One day, I visited to Digit magazine’s forum http://thinkdigit.com/forum, and under a Gmail thread, I posted for Gmail invitation. Someone named ‘Slamteam’ immediately sent me an invitation. I became very joyful. I instantly registered with Gmail and chose my favourite id, anildigital.</p>
<p>I firstly heard about Gmail on March 2004, a guy in my class told me that Google is launching 1 GB mail service. I thought he is false. But on April 1st, 2004, Google launched it. But as there were no reports about mail service, I was totally unaware of this mail service. But from September 2004, I got good reports and much information on Gmail. Then, I wanted to open a Gmail account, but I was unable to get a single invitation at that time. But fortunately, I got it in November.</p>
<p>I think Gmail is the number 1 mail service provided by Google. Gmail made a history in the world of internet. </p>
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