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Who am I?
Talking about yourself is really difficult, I don’t know where to begin, so I try with “100 things about me” method:

[work in progress 43/100]

  1. My name is Anil
  2. My surname is Wadghule
  3. I was born in Shirur, Pune, Maharashtra, India on January 23, 1984 at 6:0–0 a.m.
  4. I’m an Aquarius
  5. I don’t believe in horoscopes
  6. I live in India
  7. I am studying computer engineering at AISSMS COE, Pune
  8. I want to be a successful software engineer
  9. I love internet
  10. I love Cricket
  11. My favorite Cricket team is Australia
  12. My favorite Cricket player is Sachin Tendulkar
  13. I love Gadgets
  14. My favorite soft drink is coke
  15. Pune is the best city in the world
  16. I like to travel
  17. I think I am an atheist
  18. I’ve been on the internet since 2000
  19. I wrote my first email in April 2000 on yahoo.com (to myself)
  20. My first browser was Internet Explorer
  21. Now I’m using Mozilla Firefox and sometimes Internet Explorer
  22. My first email address was anildigital@yahoo.com
  23. My first computer is Assembeled and using it now.
  24. I wrote my first program in Basic
  25. I am an IT enthusiast
  26. “digital” is my favourite english word.
  27. I live in Pune
  28. My favorite programming language is Java
  29. My favorite Java editor is Eclipse
  30. Google is the best search engine
  31. I like tennis
  32. My favorite tennis player is Andre Agassi
  33. I also like Sania Mirza, an Indian tennis Player
  34. My first bicycle was Honda Gogomaster and seconf was Herculas RockShock with shockabsorbers
  35. My nickname is anu
  36. My favorite food is Oli Bhel(an favourite Indian item)
  37. My favourite tech magazine is Digit
  38. I want to work with Google
  39. My favourite television channel is Discovery
  40. My favourite actor(Hindi) is Shahrukh Khan
  41. I think open source was, is and will be the wealth of the information technology
  42. I think I’ll never finish this list
  43. My first blog is powered by Blogger, and using it

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