I read each and every tech magazine available. My favourite magazine is “Digit”. I like Digit because its originality. I am reading Digit since 1998, at that time its name was CHIP. I find most of the articles in Digit are unique. I also read PCQuest, it is also a very good magazine. But it lacks originality, the articles are helpful but most of them are tips and tricks that you can get from internet. Also PCQuest doesn’t give impression of tech magazine, with respect to designs, fonts, images. There is a magazine called CHIP (its a IC-CHIP) available from couple of years. This CHIP is also good. Obviously, because most of the team members were previously in Digit. The CHIP is the registered trademark of Vogel Burda Communication. Indian version of CHIP is published by TBW Publishing and Media. But when compared to Digit, CHIP fails in many points like originality, designs. Also there are Linux for u, Living Digital, IT technology. Linux for u is good. As it is related to Linux, its all articles are related to Linux and Open source. According to me this is the only magazine India related to purely Linux and Open source. The others like Living Digital and IT technology are not up to that mark. They lack in many factors quality articles, designs, material is not structured also originality.

I think these magazines provide us very valuable information. They teach us many technologies by giving articles, graphical explanations. As these magazines are in touch of current tech happenings, we always get in touch of the current happenings. They provide various hardware reviews. So we come to know which products are better. Sometimes I get inspired from some articles, also there were many articles which changed my style of using of computers, my thinking. They give us CDs/DVDs with magazines at a low price. The software provided is really useful and up to date. I think they made my computing really fast and doing it.

One day, someone said to me when broadband becomes cheaply available to us the what is the use of such tech magazines. As we can get every latest and required information from internet. What is the future of these tech magazines? My answer is they are permanent, there future is bright. When broadband will come, there will be competition. At that time, who will provide us reviews about which broadband is better. Obviously these tech magazines. Such many solutions can be solved only by the tech magazines.

In India, there are very few tech magazines compared to US. Also only couple of genuine quality magazines. I think this number should increase. Finally, I like the technology magazines very much.