You should probably know when you start command prompt in Windows XP in full screen mode. The screen font appears in smaller size. If you were using Windows 98 command prompt, you will notice the difference. So do you want your fonts to look as in Windows 98 ie. in regular size? Then perform this trick. I bet you don’t know this trick
<p>Go to start, then click run, and type cmd, you will get command prompt in window mode. Then click on the icon in the title bar or right click the title bar to get properties. On the properties window you will see ‘Layout’ tab, click on it. There you will get ‘Screen Buffer Size’ having Width and Height properties. The default height is set to 300, change it to 25 or 24. don’t change anything in Window Size. Then click OK, you will get a window, select ‘Save properties for future windows with same title’ an click OK.

The press alt+enter to get into Full screen mode , you will see the difference. </p>