Firefox is awesome! It has reached more than 25 million downloads. I am in love with firefox. Though I was using internet explorer from last five years, the firefox has taken its place. Firefox is a free software from Mozilla Foundation. It is a open source software. Within a month of its launch in December, It reached to 10 million downloads and today more than 25 million downloads. I got the software from a magazine cd(digit) in January. I quickly installed it on my machine. I was surprised to see this good piece of software. I liked its intuitive interface, tabbed browsing, no popups, nice download manger, extensions, themes. It changed the way I use the internet. It is far good from internet explorer. The popups is the main problem in internet explorer. Firefox has inbuilt popup manager. Until now not a single popup I have seen in firefox. I am using various extensions which are extremely useful such as slogger, flashgot, forecastfox, bandwidth tester to name a few. It has inbuilt google searchbar, live bookmarks. When a page is saved in firefox, the links in the page are converted to the local links. This is the benefit of firefox. Before the firefox approx 90% pc users were using internet explorer. But firefox decreased it to approx 80%. This is a shock to Microsoft. This has again yielded a browser-war in 90s. The firefox made Microsoft to think again to its internet explorer and other softwares.