The latest happenings in the technology is changing the lives of human beings so rapidly that no one thinks over it deeply. Every day there is one new gadget coming in the market. These new gadgets are actually new concepts which we are adopting in our life. In India, 10 or 12 years back when cable TV introduced, the common Indian public get connected to the outside world through different foreign channels. They started getting information about what is happening in the outside world. At that time, change in the thinking of Indians started. That time, there were no availability of computers for home use. As the days passed computers became cheap, & PCs became the vital part in our life. Now nearly every office person doing his work on computer. Hence all paperwork turned into a computerized data. Efficiency, quality of work is increased, thanks to computers for that. The computer software is an important part. We can now get a specific software for every application. May be its a office software or a small utility software, it makes our work faster. A lot of things has been changed, Previously big Ad banners were hand painted & designed. Now you can make your nice Ad banner with the help of big printers cheaply. The invention of Digital electronics is the top invention in this millennium. It changed all our living concepts. Every work now requires use of some sort of digital gadgets. We all are the witnesses of this change. The of moblile technology changed the lives of Indians in the last 2 years. Now most of the people have their handsets with them. When one goes out of his house, he is connected to his home and the world by his tech gadget which is mobile. India is one of the fastest growing market of mobiles in the world. The term 'Digital' is very important. This is making an unexpected change and will make an unexpected change. This digital is in everything, in mobiles,in computers, in internet, in tvs, in all coming electronic things. What is this digital? This is an logic which is developed or invented in 1950s . In this logic electronic signal is represented in the format which consists only high or low also on or off.
This low or off is represented as 0 and high or on as 1. So the representation is called as binary. Through the wired or wireless medium transmission of these digital signals is very easy compared to that of analog signals. Internet is growing in India. Internet term is very bigger than just the term. Until now most of the connections were dial up. But BSNL( A Govt. of India telecom company) launched its broadband named Dataone in January which is considerably cheap. This Dataone will bring a Change in the lives of many Indians. The internet 'the God of data' is coming to homes. Everyone can touch the technology. This e-revolution will be the remarkable revolution in the history. Internet is related mainly to information. You cant judge the speed of information that Internet provides. For getting knowledge, we had to consider the books, newspapers, TVs. We had choice of getting knowledge but we don't had the choice of getting good knowledge which is coming from good brains. The medium which is blog is doing this. Blog provides best knowledge from good brains. This was the difference which will be covered from the 'Internet'. Internet will be the new social structure. Internet will be the integral part of the society. This is just the taste of forthcoming Digital revolution. The Digital revolution, which we are witnessing!