In the last few days, I learned a lot of new things, one of which is a Slogger, a Firefox extension. Slogger saves each page you visit in a specified folder. It saves history information in XML format & saves pagesto your Slogger data folder. You can browse through these pages offline.It was the exact utility which I was earching for? The next utility is NewsPipe, NewsPipe is an RSS/Atom aggregator with a difference. It allows you to keep track of your feeds through e-mail. You can create an OPML file listing your feeds and NewsPipe will collect them, convert them to e-mail messages and send them to your mailbox. So you can access your newsfeeds
directly from outlook. NewsPipe is a python script so you need to have Python 2.4 installed on your computer. I also tried FeedDemon, an excellent newsreader/rss aggregator.It worked very fine.Though it is trial utility, you can convert it to fully functional utility by downloading its crack form net.The softwares provided by the Digit or magzines on their CD/DVDs can be easily cracked by downloading cracks/serial from the internet. Now this month when I tasted the latest distro linux Mandrake 10.1. It gets 9 out of 10. This distro is very stable comparatively to other previous distros. Mandrake 10.1 gives the same feeling of using Windows Xp. It gets full marks in user friendliness. If you want to do your command line tools efficiently, try the utility slickrun.