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SOLID Design Principles in Ruby talk

March 22, 2014

At RubyConf India 2014, I presented on SOLID Design Principles in Ruby.

Slides -

Moi talking at RubyConf India 2014

Docker talks

January 18, 2014

I have been intrigued with Docker since the day I came to know about it.

I explored it more and used for my personal side projects.

I gave talk on Docker at Pune Ruby Users Group meetup in January and organized first Docker Pune meetup at Equal Experts India office. I spoke about Docker there too. Below are slides.

Slides -

Design Patterns in Ruby talk at PRUG meetup

July 07, 2013

For the revived Pune Ruby Users Group first meetup, I talked on 'Design Patterns in Ruby' on 6th July, 2013 held at ThoughtWorks, Pune.

Here are the links for slides and code snippets of talk.

Slides -

Code snippets -

Moi talking

Thanks Gautam for the click

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